People Walking Away


A new performance slated for preview in fall 2019 inspired by Antwerp, the first novel by Chilean writer Roberto Bolaño. An exploration of exile, detectives, fascism and the avant garde, dread, untethered ghosts of the Americas, machismo, forgotten heroes, literary fanboys, and the end of youth.

“Of what is lost, irretrievably lost, all I wish to recover is the daily availability of my writing, lines capable of grasping me by the hair and lifting me up when I'm at the end of my strength. (Significant, said the foreigner.) Odes to the human and the divine. Let my writing be like the verses by Leopardi that Daniel Biga recited on a Nordic bridge to gird himself with courage.”

Roberto Bolaño, Antwerp (translated by Natasha Wimmer)

With Richard Newman and Liza Bielby