Photo credit: Kat Schleicher/Alverno Presents

Photo credit: Kat Schleicher/Alverno Presents

The Radicalization Process


Layering historical accounts of the radical left in the 1960’s and 70’s with a master class in American method acting, socialist pageantry, and a gleefully obtuse re-production of The Living Theatre’s Antigone, The Radicalization Process stokes the embers of America’s past revolutions to ignite our radical potential. Audiences begin the performance sifting through a basement archive of a forgotten revolutionary, navigating histories true and false, real and imagined, before they make their way into the performance space, a safe-house within a house in 1970s Detroit. Imagery unfolds both mundane and shocking; a live-score is performed on analog synthesizers and everyday objects; L’Internationale is sung; an explosion occurs.

The Radicalization Process asks us to question our assumptions about what drives us to take action, how far is too far, and what role the imagination has in revolution. Also, it’s funny. Sometimes. Other times it’s really dark. But hey, that’s America!

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The Radicalization Process is an original performance by The Hinterlands premiering in April 2016, created and performed by Richard Newman, Liza Bielby, and Dave Sanders. Live scoring by Richard Newman. Scenic design by Shoshanna Utchenik, archive creation by Casey Rocheteau, and publication design by Benjamin Gaydos. The performance was commissioned by Legion Arts, Power House Productions and Alverno Presents with generous support from the National Performance Network, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, and the NEA Artworks program.

Performed at/with: Co-Prosperity Sphere/Illinois Humanities (Chicago); Ko Festival (Amherst, MA); Play House (Detroit); Flynn Center (Burlington, VT); Alverno Presents (Milwaukee); and CSPS/Legion Arts (Cedar Rapids) with a work-in-progress version shown at Goodyear Arts (Charlotte, NC)