Training is an essential element of our creative process: it’s a platform for creating work and a provocation towards the unknown. Its’s a way to collaborate across disciplines, and a way to engage with the world in an imaginative way. Rooted in a mix of lineages and practices, this ongoing physical and vocal training dilates the presence, energy, and awareness of the performer and builds the expressive capacities of the ensemble for each project. We regularly share our training practice through residencies, workshops, apprenticeships, and monthly participatory Open Training sessions. Check back for dates here or on our Facebook page.

The Hinterlands is a member of the Training Consortium, a group of place-based and training-centric performance companies in the United States, with Double Edge Theatre, Mondo Bizarro, qStaff, and Open Flame Theatre.

image from Into the Hinterlands, a documentary film by Julia Yezbick