Utopian Dinners


What if we shifted something at the smallest level of how we interact with one another - how we eat together - ? Could that result in larger cultural change? Part laboratory, part community dinner, our Utopian Dinners are all-age affairs that bring our concept of “training” and research around US cultural history and cultural values to a larger community through playful eating extravaganzas.

This project developed out of research that we began while working on The Radicalization Process. Utopian dinners have been constructed for: Play House (funded by the National Endowment for the Arts) and the MOCAD Mike Kelley Mobile Homestead (funded by the Mike Kelly Foundation) at Sidewalk Festival of the Performing Arts (Detroit) and Dixieland Flea Market (Waterford, MI)

Created by Liza Bielby and Richard Newman

Participating artists have included: Danielle Aubert, Jonathan Flatley, Pavel Mitenko, Salakastar, TGIS (Beijing), Renee Willoughby, Julia Yezbick and attendees across the Detroit Metro Area